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Why environmental footprint management is essential for organizations to be financially competitive?

Carbon emissions often indicate that a company accumulates waste due to excessive energy usage or other inefficiencies. Systematic carbon footprint measurement can help your organization identify and solve problems associated with using excess of energy and inefficiencies accumulated across facilities. In addition to reducing an organization's operational costs and improving profitability, smart environmental management also strengthens a corporate image, providing an organization with a competitive advantage.

Is your organization ready for the global shift towards a low-carbon economy?

A carbon footprint might sound like something on the bottom of your shoe. But every company has a carbon footprint - the term refers to the quantity of greenhouse gases that are produced in order to support various activities and is often expressed in equivalent tons of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Carbon emissions are the largest contributor to environmental pollution and climate change. It is therefore critical for companies to start implementing effective carbon management strategies in order to reduce their negative impact and preserve the environment for future generations.

Whether or not your company has any official corporate social responsibility programs, you can do your part to be a more responsible corporate citizen, and we at Klappir will be happy to facilitate on your way to business sustainability.

What can you do with Klappir solutions?

Automatically collect data

With Klappir solutions you can automatically collect data on waste disposal, fuel, electricity, heating, gas and water usage from all providers and store it in a single database.

Fulfill requirements and report

Klappir solutions make complying with local and international environmental regulations easier. Log information once and use it everywhere.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Create and share your environmental and corporate social responsibility reports with your team, your customers​ and partners.

Central Support Team

You will have access to our central support team.

Digital Environmental Governance

Klappir brings digital environmental governance which improves efficiency, transparency, accountability and security.

Big Picture

Over time, Klappir will help you build a comprehensive picture of your environmental activities, allowing you to make better decisions and predict your environmental impact as well as to improve your cost management.

Reduce Your Impact

Use Klappir solutions to reduce your environmental impact and costs by improving the efficiency of your processes.

Engage Your Audience

Share relevant information on your environmental activities to inspire action among your audience.

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